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Alan Schneider


             The chart shown above is a diagram in visual symbolism of the process of Creation. This diagram is described in both temporal (along a linear sequence) and conceptual (by related content) terms. Every state of experience, consciousness, or existence, including the Diagram itself, is represented by one or more of the symbols thereon. (1)

            Many people have significant difficulty in resolving the contradictions between the scientific and religious explanations of the nature and origin of the physical universe. These two viewpoints are both concerned with the phenomena of time and space, but tend to treat them very differently in specific terms and philosophy.  (2)

            The act of Creation is both progressive and absolute. The distinction between the two occurs as a result of the condition of perspective, the importance of which has been held as a common feature of physics since the advent of the special and general Theories of Relativity. The location of the observer of any event was found by Einstein to be so impacting on that observer’s conclusions regarding the nature of that event that it was necessary to go to the extreme of determining an entirely new baseline of scientific investigation which was absolutely independent of any specific frame of reference: the speed of light in a vacuum. This value remains constant, and became the basis of the new physics and science of the twentieth century. So, we can say that light is the most, if not only, objective measure in the universe. (3)

            This is very significant, because light is also the physical vehicle of Divine Consciousness in manifestation. This Consciousness can be characterized as the only truly perspective-free viewpoint of awareness, because it is the infinite and instantaneous embodiment of the totality of any and every possibility of knowing and being. Physics refers to this condition as the space-time continuum  and describes any observation which occurs in it as an event. Events characteristically have location, extension (duration), and horizons (knowable limits), when observed by the human consciousness, but ultimately exist in a hyper state which transcends human awareness, and is eternal and indefinable from our perspective. In other words, we can only “know” an event as a series of fragmented “reflections” of its ultimate form, which are transmitted to us by light and electromagnetic radiation. This is the best that the human senses can make of the Truth: a series of perceptual snapshots taken of images in a mirror...  (4)

            Nonetheless, the Supreme Absolute Truth (or SAT, in Hindu spiritual terminology), or Unified Field (a reference to Einstein's Unified Field theory, his final effort at demonstrating the existence of a well-ordered, intelligent design behind the apparent chaos of the observable universe), or God, or Brahma, or Yahweh, can be known and experienced by sufficiently dedicated individuals, ironically by disconnecting from the method of external sensory observation entirely, or more or less entirely, and conducting direct observation of the internal state of consciousness itself, through meditation. The same Unified Field in which all phenomena are present is also present itself within all phenomena, including the human mind! Attainment of this state of ultimate awareness through inner knowing is called Samadhi, among several other terms in various traditions, and I have experienced this place myself, as have numerous other human “events” in space time. The Creation Diagram is one of the phenomena  which exists within my enlightened human “event horizon”, and what follows is a description of existence as “observed” from that enlightened “perspective”.  (5)

            The diagram displays an initial paradox, in that it is composed of both ten symbols and eleven symbols at the same time. This is achieved by the use of one symbol for both the “beginning” and “end” of the sequence shown. This is the ancient Hindu image of the Seventh Chakra (as a state of enhanced, extra-personal awareness) –  Sahasrara –  which is a picture of the Ultimate Consciousness of the Divine Condition – in other words, of the Mind of God. This Divine Consciousness  is also the “condition” which is the unified field of relativity physics! Sahasrara is an intentionally stylized depiction  referred to as the “Thousand Petaled Lotus”, and represents the appearance of the Logos in the deep trance of Samadhi – an indescribably brilliant, beautiful  cosmic vortex, or “Lotus”, having an origin of pure white light surrounded by an endless number of radiant emanations constituting the outpouring of the elements of Creation in Divine Love. These elements are also the event loci (or locations) of all the phenomena in the unified field, which exists in ultimate perfection in the center (or Heart) of the Divine Lotus.  (6)

            This symbol is used for both the beginning and the end of the chart because Creation within the Consciousness of the Creator has no beginning or ending: there is only an eternal outpouring of manifestation in infinite expression. And the Diagram also has no beginning or ending: one can follow the progression of images from either the “top” or “bottom” of the page with equal validity because all that we are, see, and know is created from both outside in and inside out, within the mind of a Super Being. How can this be possible? How can the apparently infinite and concrete universe shown to us by our senses be a Divine Idea?  All that is required to know this with great certainty is depicted in the little chart before you. (7)

            There are many, many religious and spiritual belief systems existing as event systems in the unified field of Divine Consciousness. We see some of them in the historic “past”, and some existing “now”, and guess at a “future” as well. I will begin working with the familiar Judeo/Christian description of Creation, taken from Genesis, and progress “up” from the “bottom” of the chart, because, from the perspective of Divine Consciousness, the bottom is where the foundation of our fragmented human awareness, rooted in the physical body, begins...  (8)

            How did God create the universe and the world? Can there be an agreement between theology and astrophysics regarding this question? Oh, yes, indeed there can. In Genesis, a primordial void is given as the humanly describable first condition, and is referred to as “without form”. Without form does not necessarily mean “without substance”, however, because the first act of Creation is then described as a division between “above” and “below” (occurring in something like a fluidic medium) into “the water above and water below”. The Logos then appears in First Form at the boundary of this division, manifesting through the “split” in this primal void. The First Act of Creation subsequently takes place with the simultaneous Divine perception of the void, and the expression “Let there be Light!” The Logos then perceived the Light as “good”, meaning that this first expression of Divine Consciousness to appear in the Void was a perfect expression of that Consciousness in Love.  (9)

            At first glance, the implication of things is that the Void existed before the action and appearance of God. The key to the Beginning is concealed with this implication however, and involves the limitations of human senses and analytical thought. God is not,  and never has been, nor ever will be, limited by human thought constructs. The Logos preexists and presupposes everything expressible and knowable in any form at any level, including the primal Void, and the reference to a fluidic substance in division hints at this fact. For example, scientific Parallel Universe theory postulates the simultaneous existence of an infinite number of “parallel universes” to our apparent universe as an outcome of any quantum event observation. These parallel universes are created every time any event observation is made in the Unified Field! If the Logos is the Super Total of all event observations, then the Logos is also the author of an infinite number of parallel universes, and each universe is itself another cosmic “Lotus Petal” with its own Unified Field, and so on. Under these circumstances, a void of manifestation is simply another stage of Creation in an infinite sequence.  (10)

            The expression “Let there be Light!” is also very significant, particularly in that it contains the reference to Words uttered by the Logos as the method of Creation. There are numerous references in the spiritual documents of several religions, certainly including the system I am working with here, to the Word of God, the Holy Word, etc. There are approximate references in the Bible regarding the fact that “God created the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – this last statement being of paramount importance.  (11)

            When a human being speaks a human word, a thought which exists in that human being’s brain’s cerebral cortex as an observational event in the Unified Field is converted through a series of subsequent actions, themselves event loci, into a sonic vibration, another locus. The thought is specific to that person, and the word may be heard by no other person, or a finite number of people, and the word is also “heard” by God. When God “speaks” a Divine Word, a Petal is manifested on the Lotus of Universal Creation: there is no distinction between God’s Thoughts and Words. Or, put another way, God’s Thoughts are God’s Words, and God’s Words are instantly manifest in the “medium” of Divine Consciousness – the Unified Field. The “vibration” of one of God’s Words in the Unified Field is an Act of Creation.  (12)

            In fact, the Void was, and is, a vibration in Divine Consciousness, and only appears as the possibility of the First Condition from the limited human perspective. The Logos first formed the concept of the Formless Substance as the “Clay” of Creation, then He touched this “Clay” with the utterance of the Primary Vibration of all existence: He spoke his Name into the Void. This created the division into a bicameral condition, from which God appeared in First Manifestation – as His Name, and followed this with the vibration of the Word of the Light! Thereafter, the Light carried forward the vibration of His Name and continued the expression of Creation. Our apparent physical universe and all it contains is a complex Vibration of the Name of God – an infinite standing wave of event loci in space time!  (13)

            I have encountered many expressions of “God Names” and “God Forms” over the years, and the existence of an infinite number of parallel universes also indicates an infinite number of Names, or so this theory would suggest. Or perhaps there are an infinite number of expressions of One Name. The suggestion of the bicameral partition in the Void is again a reference to another key element of Creation – one specific Name.  (14)

            The Name of God is referred to as having at least ten expressions in Judeo/Christian theory, all of which are subject to human comprehension but one, the Tetragrammaton, an expression of four Hebrew letters which are all derived from the name of God given to Moses on Mount Ararat: Yahweh, or “I Am”. When the vowels are removed from this expression, the result is YHVH – an apparently “unpronounceable” (or “inexpressible”)  version of Yahweh. The first chapter describes the profound transcendental experience I discovered in Samadhi using meditation on YHVH as the technique of initiation, and the revelation of the secret meaning and expression of the Tetragrammaton which I was given. The Creation Diagram is also a result of that experience.  (15)

            The most significant characteristic of YHVH is that it is a sinusoidal vibration oscillating around the HH component as the axis of vibration. The “H” refers to the Hebrew letter “Hey”, a window or portal. “Y” means “Yod”, or hand, and “V” means “Vau”, a nail or hook – a fastener. What is seen here is a “hand” – an initiator of action, and a “hook”– a stabilizing influence, as polar first principles, oscillating around an axis which is an “opening”. This action then creates other “openings”, with the process carried out to infinity, as the harmonic manifestation of Creation.  (16)

            The ancient and venerable Chinese culture refers to this universal and endless creation by the action of polar forms as the Tao, expressed in the almost as universally recognized symbol of the Yin/Yang circular form, which I refer to as the Dyad, the second symbol above the lower Sahasrara Lotus on the Diagram. The polar conditions rotate about each other forever, forming the process of Creation in the Divine Consciousness, and manifesting the universe. This is why the first three symbols following the lower Sahasrara are all Taoist variants of the Yin/Yang (literally, female/male) energy expression system. And I am aware of no better pictorial symbolic portrayal of the action of the Tetragrammaton as the vehicle of physical creation: these two descriptions reveal exactly the same thing about the Creation process.  (17)

            The first Taoist disk is called the Monad, and is a representation of YHVH appearing in the red Void of Formless Divine Substance as a blue central circle. It is significant to note that the blue color is a representation of higher spiritual consciousness, while red represents clay, the workable medium. This is the first of a series of rotating “wheels” aligned one above (or below) the other on the central “axis” of Creation – a series of “Hey” portals in evolutionary expression from God to God: “I Am the Alpha and the Omega” – the beginning and the end, and the totality without beginning or end. And the lower Sahasrara disk is, and also is not, the upper Sahasrara disk: another manifestation of the Tao. In fact, Sahasrara manifests YHVH in both “directions” in the Act of Creation.  (18)

            The Dyad is the second Harmonic Vibration.  The Name appears as the First Vibration in the Void: this is the Taoist Monad, of Creation. The Monad generates the Taoist principal of Creation. The Dyad subsequently expresses that principal: if there is a single first vibration (Yin or Yod), there must also be an infinite number of multiple subsequent vibrations (Yang or Vau). This is the process which achieves the Creation of the physical universe. The reference to the Days of Creation in Genesis is really a reference to the Taoist states of the Major Harmonic Forms of YHVH, culminating in the Triad, the third disk. This symbol represents the vibration of the human condition in the dense physical universe. The Logos transcends human linear time perception: The Alpha is the Omega. What looks to us like a very long progression of linear time expended in Creation is really an illusion from the perspective of God. Existence just is here now forever, formed in the Unified Field, with the Monad as the great founding point of Creation. The importance of this cannot be overstated. For this reason, we are going to spend some additional time with the following scientific argument.  (19)

            The analogy between science and religion regarding the creation of light particles, or photons, is quite interesting. The basic (and, I dare say, simplified) process of solar photon release takes place through the mechanism of thermonuclear fusion as follows: under conditions of intense gravitational attraction in a collapsing hydrogen gas cloud, four hydrogen atoms are “compressed” into one helium atom with two protons, two neutrons, and two electrons. The neutrons are two of the former hydrogen protons literally stripped of their charge by the violence of the reaction and subsequently retained in the helium nucleus by “nuclear forces”. The two additional electrons are also stripped of their charges, and, since (unlike the neutrons) they are essentially “mass-less”, immediately exit the area by instantaneously accelerating to the speed of light, as photons. So, to understand the creation of light, one must also understand the creation of the first two atomic particles, in the form of the proton and electron, composing the hydrogen atom. Where did the primordial hydrogen gas cloud from which the universe eventually formed originate? From the Monad! And to understand this, we need to take another look at the “ formless substance” of the Void of Genesis.  (20)

            A field of formless substance is actually a very good description of a perfect void. Now, one might say that a region containing ANY “substance” is not a true void, which is absolutely “empty”, but consider this: if I could completely, perfectly mix everything in existence into one absolutely, perfectly uniform state, nothing would exist at the same time that everything did exist, because no form of differentiation, or “knowing”, could take place to form an observation of any discreet event. This is the Red Clay of the Monad! And God, as the embodiment of all observational possibilities, can also manifest the perfect “clay void” of formless substance just described.  (21)

            This type of Perfect Void would, by its very nature (or non-nature?) be perfectly unstable as well: the slightest differentiation of anything in the system would initiate a comprehensive reaction which would instantaneously manifest throughout the entire condition, limited only by the nature of the  substance contained therein. And if the “substance” is formless Divine Consciousness, there are no limits. If such a condition were subjected to a sinusoidal impact, such as YHVH, the sinusoidal result would immediately manifest everywhere in the continuum, regardless of the initial point of origin, subject only to the speed of light as a limitation. And what is the simplest form of sinusoidal relationship commonly known to science? Hydrogen gas: one proton and one electron. From the Divine perspective, the electron is a Taoist proton “reflection”, the Primal Vau of the proton Yod, and at the same time, the Yod of the proton Vau! And as soon as this impact took expression in the Monad, the Dyad was formed, establishing the dualistic nature of everything to follow. The charged relationship of the proton and electron is simply the physical form of the Tetragrammaton oscillating at this most basic (atomic) level in the universe –  resonating in the Unified Field.  (22)

             And gravitation, a force never satisfactorily explained by science to this day, is the tendency of the Taoist expression of the Tetragrammaton to reflect, or implode, back into the Monad, and on into the Godhead in Sahasrara: everything returns to God eventually. The Creator is the Destroyer in the eternal Cosmic Dance of Manifestation. Even the entire universe demonstrates this tendency in the pulsation of the “Big Bang”. The creation/destruction relationship is also another aspect of the Creation Diagram manifesting in both “directions” from the Logos at either “end”. (23)

            One additional discussion of the “Red Clay” of the Monadic Void is necessary. The core of all that is implied in the Creation Diagram consists in my invitation to you all to consider the physical universe, or world, as a complex expression of Living Divine Consciousness, as opposed to an inert mechanism governed by impersonal principles floating in (and destined to return to) an unknowable condition of primordial background chaos. If consciousness is the case, then we must consider the conscious spiritual nature of the Monad.  (24)

            Just as the Logos uttered a “Name” in the form of YHVH into the Monadic Void to initiate Creation and as it is that many of the other events in the Unified Field also have Divine Names that are sub-harmonics of that primary vibration, so it is that the Monadic Void itself also is “named”. And there are arguably as many names for this phenomenon as there are for the Logos. Once again, however, I have chosen one expression from the Judeo/Christian tradition on this occasion which particularly highlights the Truth about our human condition today: this name is Lucifer!  (25)

            Does this surprise you? Please follow along with me a little further, for in this most hidden and distant aspect of our origins, the ultimate cause and release from all the suffering we know in the physical form is to be found.  (26)

            Now, Lucifer is a Latin word, designated by the Roman church early on, as a title for that force at work in the world which rejects the Truth and Light of God, or any truth or light, for that matter. And there are also pre-Judeo/Christian variants of this expression which extend over thousands of years of the spoken (and later written) human cultural traditions. The literal translation of this term is “Light Bearer”, and that is exactly what the Inspirited Void was, and to this day, is, although one must be prepared to dig through mountains of illusion and outright deception to understand this.  (27)

            It is no coincidence that the color of the Monadic Clay is red, because this is the color of oxygenated blood. And it is specifically oxygenated blood which sustains animal life as we know it to be, including that “animal” life which is the vessel of our conscious human awareness: the body. Blood as a carrier of oxygen gas is the constant quality which all things known that have a nervous system have in common, no matter how rudimentary that nervous system may be, and it is the excitatory nervous enervation which is the carrier of YHVH into zoological manifestation. This process generates Consciousness in what would otherwise be inert biochemical life forms. Again, that consciousness may be very simple, but is nonetheless there on the vibratory level. In fact, there are vibrational traces of consciousness in virtually everything, even in inanimate objects! The difference in the levels of this condition are concerned with the critical issue of how “self-aware” a given “observational event” is: rocks and minerals seem to be at one end of the spectrum (unless they have become spiritual expressions), while human beings and dolphins seem to be at the other – relatively very interpersonally aware and interactive, with blood-circulation sustained complex nervous systems. So it is that red blood (and, additionally, salt water, which has the same pH as human blood) is both the literal carrier of life and symbolic physical expression of the First Spiritual Principal which “Bears the Light” of consciousness. This is the motive for the blood sacrifices referred to in the Bible, and elsewhere, including those modern versions of blood sacrifice which we call mechanized warfare.  (28)

            The red “Lucifer” principal expresses the foundation of the Tao of Creation, supporting the “Light” principal represented as the blue center of the Monad. This is the first form of the “Light Bearer” as the medium of propagation of YHVH into manifestation. As the Primal Void, Lucifer has been rightly characterized as the First Angel, with this very important proviso: he is an Angel of Darkness – this is the only way that the Light could be activated and sustained from the Monad. And unlike the Dyad, in which there is no condition to be discovered in the universe that is so light that it has no shadow, nor any so dark that it is absolutely so (symbolized by the light and dark centers of the dark and light hemispheres of the Dyad), Lucifer is a condition of Absolute Darkness: a perfect working medium – the Ultimate Medium of Creation – a background capable of sustaining ANY other manifestation in absolute clarity.  (29)

            The clay of this Earth which the human artist uses to produce his (hopefully) beautiful creations does not “care” about the use to which it is applied, nor the outcome of the form into which it might be cast. But Lucifer does care about all the uses to which he has been applied, and as the First Angel, he is to be regarded as the second most pervasive influence in Creation. And he is without the Light which he is designated by the all-powerful Tetragrammaton to support. Although the tendency is to say that Lucifer hates the Light and the light of human consciousness above all, this assumes that he is affected by human emotions, and he is not. An emotion is still a phenomenon of the light of consciousness, and the Angel of Darkness is without this. He is most accurately described by the Hindu deity Shiva: a nearly omnipotent changer-destroyer of physical forms, whether these forms (or events) carry self-aware consciousness or not. And he himself was formed that way by God intentionally to ensure that the vibration of YHVH, from the macrocosm to the microcosm of Creation, would never collapse to a static state! As the Monadic Clay, Lucifer literally “pulls” at any form in which he is present (which is all the physical ones), trying to implode them back into himself as the differentiated Monad. He is opposed in this by the Tetragrammaton, which is also pulling at least as powerfully in the opposing direction, drawing the Light of Creation toward ever higher vibratory levels directly approaching, and eventually attaining,  Sahasrara and the Logos.  (30)

            The most deeply concealed secret of this process is that our human Soul awareness (as contrasted with our physical sensory awareness) must pass through the Portal of Shiva before entering the state of Divine Bliss in Sahasrara! All things must pass through the gate of destruction at either end of the Creation Chart, whether physical or spiritual, before returning to the Logos. God is a condition of Light without darkness: Lucifer is there before Him everywhere as the perfect assurance that anything impure will pass no further. Shiva’s weapon is a Sword of Fire that turns in all directions, and it is He who guards the “East Gate” of Eden – the garden of reunion with God.  (31)

            This Portal is referred to in the Tree of Life as Daath, the "invisible" Gate hidden in the Abyss of Ignorance (Separation from Divine Grace) through which all Seekers of the Truth must pass in spirit to know God again. Daath is invisible because the seed of Lucifer is also invisible in the human form, masked by the veils of the five physical senses: only when these illusory veils have been penetrated (and shirked off) by higher consciousness, and the last trace of them left behind in religious ecstasy  (Samadhi), can Daath be seen, and then only from the other side! There is an “instant” of death, or Daath, to be passed through as the physical “fall” (condition of separation from God) is completely overcome, whether through the eventual disintegration of the body in implosion back into the Dyad in literal death, or in the passage through Shiva’s Fire on the return to the Eden of Enlightenment. This is why the Name of the Destroyer is so hated and feared by the human sensory ego: at the most occult level within us all, the ego, based as it is on physical processing and sensation, knows that Lucifer is waiting for the opportunity that must come to reclaim the physical biological vessel which is cast from his Monadic essence, as every form of the Dyad is...  (32)

            The final Taoist wheel is the Triad, and represents the manifestation of self awareness in the continuum of the physical universe – the vibration of the human condition: this is where we are NOW. We are the aware Dyad, manifesting the Soul as a conscious form in the universe! The universal expression of blue Name in the red Clay having come into three state expression: body, mind, and spirit. In this sense we are all an expression of the Word made Flesh – Christ, but only the perfect Christ is the direct manifestation of YHVH in the physical continuum. If this seems sad, there is nonetheless great hope, because the addition of the white portion of the Triad, representing our Spirit or Soul, holds the possibility of the full reunion with God through the path of the Chakras which follow. The red portion of the Triad is seen to be “down” directed, toward the Monad, while the black portion is set off to one side. This is the sensory ego, and is black because, as noted above, the five senses, although appearing to be bright, actually form a dark barrier of illusion which prevents recognition not only of the true nature of the red Monadic physical body (described above), but also prevents the recognition of the presence of the Soul and the path to Higher Consciousness through the Chakras. This is the nature of our condition: we are the potential bridge of consciousness from the Clay to Pure Spirit. And we are the battleground of light and darkness for this reason. This powerful conflict is inherent in human nature and is the reason for all suffering, as well as the hope of all salvation. And no discussion of this salvation would be complete without taking a look at the Book of Genesis, and the “Fall From Grace”, in the following paragraphs.  (33)

            The Soul can be thought of as a form of consciousness which is inherent within, and can be known and experienced from within, the Triadic human condition described above, again, represented by the white spiritual segment of the Triad. The important distinction to be made is that the Soul is a direct link to higher forms of consciousness which are not bounded by the dense form of the human physical vessel, or body, and the attendant veils of the senses. The essence of the “fallen” condition of humanity resides in the difficulty of experiencing the Soul (or any other extra-physical awareness), from beyond the persistent flood of physical sensory input, and the enormous storehouse of  sensory impressions which we call the “past”, and mistakenly believe to be both “the world” and that specific element of “the world” which we call “myself”. And the twin demons of fear and pain are always ready to censor any additional information which may come our way into this condition, with the professed intent of protection, and the actual intent of control. It is well to remember here that Lucifer is present in all things physical, and the motive of control (which imposes limitation), is his primary working tool, and the direct antithesis of the gift of Enlightenment.  Let us examine the Biblical Fall from this perspective.  (34)

             Briefly, it is told that Eve, the “First Woman”, which means archetypical Primal female expression, was created by the Logos by generation from one of the body parts of Adam, the “First Man”, or archetypical Primal male expression. She was taken from within Adam, and generated as his companion in The Garden of Eden, the Primal Divine environment. The pair existed in Eden in supposed perfect balance and harmony, and without any constraints with the exception of one: they were not to consume (in other words, experience) the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. We are told that the pair existed in a natural state (naked) without either fear or shame of this vulnerable condition, under God’s Grace.  (35)

            All of the animals of Creation also existed in harmony in Eden, including one reptilian form referred to as the Serpent, which at the outset was possessed of legs as a means of motion, and presumably other lizard-like characteristics. The Serpent is described as the “most subtle”, or deceptive, of the creatures in Eden. This is a reference to the Jungian Reptilian Mind, which is almost the oldest behavioral expression in the terrestrial animal kingdom, and is “subtle” because it lies at the base of sensory awareness, and tends to be both pervasive and concealed for that reason. The Reptilian Mind is the source of all the power of the sensory illusion, and is oriented around one motive: immediate impulse gratification through control action. Let us investigate this contention further.  (36)

             The oldest known fossil remains are those of algae, and are carbon dated in origin to a linear time of approximately three billion years ago. For a period of perhaps two billion years, this was the only form of life in evidence on Earth. Algae is, of course, the simplest unicellular form of life known today, and tends to develop at the surface of relatively warm, calm water on or near solid structures also at or near the surface, and serve as anchoring points for the colony. And a colony it is, but only in the loosest sense of the term – coexisting but only tentatively interdependent.  (37)

            Since the fossil remains of the original algae, which have been subjected to extensive microscopic scrutiny, are very similar to the living plants of this day, we can surmise the conditions required for growth then were much the same as they are now. The best naturally occurring environment for this type of unicellular aquatic plant colony is the salt water costal tidal pool, protected by rock formations, and still open enough to the sea to allow the in and out flow of chemical nutrients and waste products. These pools are surmised to have included large numbers of exposed mineral crystal faces which would have made excellent solid surfaces for the formation of the algae colonies. And the conditions of solar radiation, rain, and cloud formation at the time would have also been ideal. So it is that, under these conditions, the emergence of this simple little plant into biological form was functionally inevitable.  (38)

            The action of the elements in the tidal pools was ideal to sustain the algae colony up to a certain size. Thereafter, portions of the structure, which as a whole had only accidental durability, were undoubtedly torn away and washed out to sea, or died and sank to the floor of the pool, forming a layer of organic sediment, also as is the case in tidal pools today. This is the sum of the original life cycle of our planet. But Shiva/'Lucifer permits no long term stability anywhere, and conditions in the tidal environment began to change as the Earth cooled down from the First Fire of Creation. (39)

            With cooling comes contraction, and with contraction comes mechanical stress on structures of any flexibility, including that form of response to stress known as wrinkling. When a simple crease in a planar surface becomes pronounced enough, and hardened enough, it eventually folds over upon itself and forms a passageway. So it is that the contraction of the Earth, accompanied by the reduction in cloud cover as the billion year long rains which created the oceans began to dissipate, exposed the colonies to reduced surface temperature, reduced tidal turbulence, and direct solar light in increasing measure. A sufficiently large colony would behave with enough integration to begin to wrinkle under these circumstances. These simple creases would have eventually evolved into closed passages, tubules, and cavities. (40)

            We now have a cell colony which has begun to naturally differentiate into a tubular lattice, the first expression in Creation of the structure which eventually became the circulatory systems of both plants and animals. Function follows form, and the capability of this development as a means of transference and containment of material in solution was to determine the course of evolution in subsequent biological development. It is also no accident that the influence of Shiva'Lucifer on Creation guided this process in the direction of a weapon capable of transferring a poison, in addition to nutrients. This is very consistent with the kind of control orientation frequently seen in the fundamentally self-motivated, if unenlightened, logic consistent with destruction and destructive impulses, Shiva/Lucifer's specialty! Let us now return to the Biblical Eden... (41)

            It is said that Eve encountered the Serpent in Eden who “spoke” to her (or emanated a vibration in her consciousness) and told her that the Tree of (Ethical) Knowledge was forbidden by the Logos because its Fruit would make her “Wise” (or powerful). And she was encouraged to partake of this Fruit, which she did, and then offered it to Adam as well, and he also partook of the Fruit of Knowledge, never realizing that the promised increase in his “wisdom” (or power) would cut him off from God’s Grace, as manifest in the Creation of Eden.  (42)

            In Eve’s case, the “Serpent” is a reference first to the umbilical chord. Now, the maternal blood of the placenta is a protein, as is the fetal blood. But if the maternal blood is inadvertently introduced into the fetal blood (and the two are usually not the same type), the result is the “injection” of a “poison” into the fetus. Even in this utmost expression of the gift of life, death still resides in the background. The umbilical chord is the most powerful expression of the pure nature of the female energy as the Giver of Life – Eve was “spoken to” through the core of her female power. This brings us to the crux of the issue: power is control, and we are back to Lucifer’s tool box! And the temptation to excessive female power which is related to the umbilical chord is almost always seen as the over-protective mother who tends to treat her children as objects of control and possession, not as temporary “Fruits” of God’s Grace that she is expected to nurture appropriately and then release (or return) into the world as an implied personal sacrifice in acknowledgment and love of God. The specific character of the punishment delivered against Eve is significant: pain in childbirth.  (43)

             Bearing in mind that the story of the Biblical Fall is a combination of synchronicity, tribal legend, and channeling of higher consciousness (in very occult proportions), and that my added interpretations are the result of personal channeling and religious experience, I still find a suggestion here that childbearing was apparently not painful in Eden prior to Eve’s deception. The additional implication is that Adam and Eve had intercourse and produced offspring in Paradise, something not exactly made crystal clear by the description in Genesis! And there is another Eden legend which was deleted from Genesis entirely but has been preserved in the Mystery Teachings: the story of Adam’s first mate – Lilith, a predominantly intimate partner who bore no children.  (44)

            This is at quite a variance with the version of the Old Testament Patriarchs. Lilith was created from the Red Clay in the same manner as Adam, as opposed to being extracted from his “womb”; in fact, that method, as seen in Eve’s creation, was used to ensure a certain measure of inherent compatibility which apparently was not present in the simple Red Clay of passion used in Lilith’s creation. The extra-Biblical story here is that Lilith and Adam could not attain a compatible relationship in Paradise, and that the Logos eventually expelled her from Paradise for this reason. Presumably, she found her way back to the Monad through a series of “imploded” transitions, where she became the “demon” Queen of that realm, more or less alongside of Lucifer – she could be seen as a female Lucifer archetype. She is supposed to have never born Adam (nor anyone else) children, although we can presume they had intercourse. The power issue here is one concerned with sexual gratification as the primary motive, and the early “expulsion” of Lilith is a suggestion that she was in conflict with Adam in the sense of wanting more control over their sexual relationship than the Logos had granted her. As a non-bearer of children, she apparently eventually faired better than Eve: although the legend does not indicate that Lilith passed into any lasting form in the material plane, the intentionally childless seductress of all types tends to come to mind. It is also very important to note that in Biblical  context she was apparently never “seduced” herself by the Serpent, or any other source, into an outright break with God’s will.  (45)

             In ancient times, “knowledge” did not mean the collection of symbolic information as it does today, but rather the direct experience of a condition. Ethical knowledge of “good” and “evil” meant the direct experience of the condition of separation from God as the ultimate source of consciousness in the Garden of Eden. The Fruit of that Tree meant the spiritual essence of the Tree which was “knowable”, or could be directly experienced as a condition.  Eve was seduced, by the essence of her own power (which was initially in harmony with Eden and the Logos) to seek excessive power by committing an act of separation from God’s Consciousness. The immediate result was apparently a state of superficial intoxication which numbed her judgment, and resulted in the offering of the Fallen condition to Adam as well.  (46)

            In Adam’s case, the “Serpent” is a reference to the phallus. Semen is also a protein. In the act of insemination, the most powerful expression of the male energy as the Giver of Life takes place. Although the Biblical story of the Fall portends that Eve was seduced initially, and then (as the fallen carrier of the Serpent’s Deception) seduced Adam, we must also examine Adam’s motives, for he knew that he was being offered something forbidden, as well as did Eve. Adam also was motivated by the wish for inappropriate power involving this seduction, not only through Eve (who was still attached to Adam’s “womb”, or inner state, through the astral umbilicus), but by the essence of his own legitimate male power (which was in harmony with the Logos). Adam also sought this in the act of separation from God’s Consciousness.  (47)

            The inappropriate condition of power desired by Adam was one of control over Eve as an object of gratification, as opposed to an equal mate before God, and of control over the Fruits of every Tree of the Garden, as opposed to being the gracious recipient of God’s gift of Consciousness as the form of a Caretaker, as the Logos had intended him to be. Significantly, Adam’s punishment was that he was granted the control which he sought, but only at the cost of the toil and hard labor required to produce any fruitful results in the physical plane of experience.  (48)

             When their mutual intoxication dissipated, the two confronted God in naked shame for the first time, and were eventually expelled from Eden. Where? To the world of the mortal physical sensory condition in which we all exist today. So went the Fall. It is noteworthy to mention here that “intoxication” is a very significant term. The “Fruit” of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a reference to a corrupt and imbalanced condition, and the fermentation of spoiled or “fallen” fruit in the form of alcohol! So it is that alcohol is the frequent partner of the “fall” of inhibitions (and effective judgment) to this very day in the physical plane...  (49)

            Why would two beings living in Perfect Harmony with the Logos and each other in the world of Eden (known to mystics today as the Ideal Astral Plane), become so dissatisfied with their respective Taoist essences as to purposefully break their link with God for the sake of additional personal power? Underlying all of the specific reasons given above is one basic cause: because their condition ultimately was not one of Perfect Harmony as is generally portrayed by Biblical sources. Adam and Eve, even as the Primal Male and Female Archetypes, were and are just that: archetypes – still fundamentally separate (or distant) from the pure Divine Expression of Light in the Logos as the Ultimate Consciousness. Their condition was always inherently “fallen” and separated from the Logos, although not as fragmented as that of the physical plane, where human consciousness is located. This is why they both were the instigators of their own deception even in the Astral expression, fragmentation is present. Why seek more power? Because the center of Power as a Divine Idea radiates from the next higher level: the Mental Plane, and is “closer” to God’s purest form in the Lotus of Sahasrara. The Primal Male and Female expressions in human consciousness have just enough Divine Power to sustain their level of manifestation (as do all of the archetypes of the Jungian collective unconscious), but not enough to generate any more, an implicitly limited and un-free condition. And “more” also includes the possibility of approaching God with any requests regarding any changes to that condition through, as an example, the processes of prayer and meditation.  (50)

             We can mediate from the perspective of the Triadic human consciousness in the physical form (or Material Physical Plane, as the mystics refer to it) and turn back toward the Logos; archetypes cannot. Adam and Eve could not. The Biblical Fall is actually the final Taoist spiritual step in the manifestation of that very human condition from which our spirit can, if we choose, eventually rise back into Communion with God from the manifest physical plane. Eve, Lilith, and Adam are the first personalized human expressions emerging from the Yin and Yang of the Dyad as the Triad vibrates into manifestation.  And the paradox of paradoxes is that Lucifer has provided just the required amount of control to fulfill his manifestation as the “Light Bearer” by working as hard as he can through the Monad to influence the physical universe through the form of the Fall, which nonetheless creates the possibility which can initiate Enlightenment! In this sense, we are actually the Dyad rising into awareness in the Triad. This is why we are here in the challenged physical form with the free will to make decisions, including the decision to meditate and undertake the journey of Consciousness back to the Godhead. All the Great Teachers of humanity have taken this journey, including the Christ in the form of Jesus of Nazareth. The resurrection of Christ following the Crucifixion is a direct reference to the transfer of the vibration of the Pure Form of the Tetragrammaton from the Physical to the Spiritual state of expression. This Pure Form is contained in every human being in the embodiment of the Soul, and can be experienced while still grounded in the physical state through meditation. This brings us to one last crucial element of the Triad which must be examined to complete our understanding of the human condition – the nature of free will.  (51)

            The Taoist condition of Paradise was created and guided exclusively by the Will of the Logos. All Adam and Eve, or Lilith, had to do was maintain their place in the scheme of things and take the Cosmic excursion which God had designed for them. In each case, the desire for additional control over their circumstances manifested in a break with the Divine Will of the Logos, and a Fall from Grace into a separated state of experience. And God gave each of them what they wanted: a personal will to action in the only way possible – a form divided from Divine Consciousness. This free personal will is located at the center of the Triad, and it is this point around which our condition rotates every minute of our event existence. It is in fact much more accurate to say that we are free will than that we have free will. The little human “ability” to make limited observations – and this is what an act of personal will really is – is the pure essence of the Fall from the Grace of God’s perfect Divine observation of the Unified Field. This is why the first principal of meditation is perception through non-observation, thus dampening the personal will. The instant that this process is begun, the influence of the Divine Consciousness is reestablished in our human perception. In this sense, “free” personal will is the greatest illusion and barrier to Grace of all. As simplistic as this statement may seem to be, it is still absolutely true that people have only one choice in life: to avoid or seek the ultimate Truth of Enlightenment. This is the meaning of the Triad. If the decision is made to press on, then the sequence of additional symbols shown on the Diagram is invariably encountered by the Seeker on the Path. These are the well known Hindu spinal Chakras (or “wheels”) – a series of centers of higher consciousness culminating in Sahasrara – the Logos, and Source of Creation.  (52)

            So we have seen to this point a universe and “world view” in which Creation has taken place along very Taoist lines, and intentionally so as the best, if not only, way to build a physical form capable of sustaining genuine spiritual consciousness, in the embodiment of humanity. And the choice involved in recognizing that consciousness as present in the Soul also required the option of declining or deferring this recognition in favor of simple functioning in the domain of the senses. Such is the Clay crucible which supports the embers of human awareness. In the passages to follow, I shall outline the stages of consciousness which the reader who does choose to follow “The Still, Small Voice” within can expect to pass through along the Way Home. We will begin this second stage of the journey, which passes from the Taoist paradigm, and into a  Hindu/Zen/Judeo/Christian model of awareness, with an examination of the process of meditation as the royal road to follow, because it is certainly that.  (53)

            One last observation regarding the Triad is necessary before we move on. The world of sensory physical consciousness can be thought of as the “front end” of our total human awareness (which we call the mind). As noted in preceding paragraphs, the effective center of “free will” which we experience as “me”, is found in the center, or “middle”, of the Triad Mandala. Meditation is one process (and there are certainly others), which shifts the focus of the “will” (or Freudian conscious ego) at the Triadic center away from the “front end” of awareness, and toward the “back end”. This region of the mind frequently amounts to the “basement”, and is where everything ends up which does not seem to be immediately useful to sensory functioning. It is also the natural location of many mental states, including the Freudian Id (or instinctual center), both the Freudian and Jungian personal unconscious regions (where the repressed events of childhood generate complexes, neuroses, borderline psychotic conditions, and other dysfunctional states), and the Jungian collective unconscious, a mentally enormous area of activity which is inborn in all human beings, and contains the archetypes as basic building blocks of all consciousness and all social phenomena. Beyond the initial layer of the archetypes, several additional layers are found as the ego awareness of the Seeker is able to travel ever deeper into this realm. These additional layers are coincident with the Hindu Chakra System shown on the Creation Chart – they are the personal internal interfaces to Divine Consciousness as the stages of individual spiritual development progress.  (54)

            At the very core of the “realm”, at the deepest level accessible, one finds the Jungian Primal Self, the Root of Consciousness. In terms of brain morphology, this perceptual experience is thought to be physically “located” in the thalamus, or brain stem region. This is the Logos Center of personal awareness – and is the state of awareness both of God, and about God. Paradoxically, at least from the perspective of sensory logic, the farther into our consciousness we travel the farther out into the universal cosmos we also travel. This is why all who have taken this journey agree in the observation that the physical sensory “world” which seems so real is actually a mental illusion created by acculturation, a social fiction, which masks the presence of the Logos as the Creator, and the universe as the Dance of Creation. This is why mystics can walk through fire pits (not merely the beds of coals which are used in the western world) and not be burned – not even have their clothing charred or discolored – and can lead their entranced devotees by the hand through the fire as well without harm. This is how yogis can run themselves through with swords and knives and not be killed or even experience discomfort, sitting so wounded for days on end, and finally withdraw the weapons and not bleed from the wounds – in some documented cases, not even display any wounds! And this is absolutely how Daniel was able to spend days in the lion’s den without being attacked or harmed in any way. And this is how Christ raised first Lazarus, and finally Himself from death. In all cases, albeit to varying degrees, the Truth has completely overcome the physical illusion, even of death. So great is the power of God’s presence once contacted. This is what meditation is all about.  (55)

            In initial meditation, one frequently finds exposure to a bewildering deluge of every kind of perceptual experience imaginable, nor are all of them pleasant. In fact, one must generally first “clean up the mess” in the basement in order to make much progress at all. And the mess can be truly tragic, pathetic, painful, and mentally corrosive to confront if the Seeker has had a difficult and traumatic life up to this point. This is why a guide is always recommended in the form of an experienced person who has already made at least substantial portions of the journey successfully. This guide can be anyone from a therapist to a theologian to a guru, but such an individual must invariably have the qualification of spiritual presence, and already be with God. The best outcome for the aspirant who has serious personal injury hidden within themselves and attempts meditation will be to progress no farther when the trauma is contacted. And all of the rejected, buried, repressed things will be confronted eventually in deep trance. These are the Great Iron Walls of the Illusion, and all of them must and will fall before the Godhead can be known. If you are a novice, find a group to work with as you train into any form of meditation. Simply buying a book and starting is not sufficient.  (56)

            Which brings me to the next discussion. There are many different forms of meditation practiced today, possibly hundreds of them, by as many different traditions, and to differing ends as well. Not all forms of meditation are intended to produce spiritual enlightenment; in fact, some forms are actually designed by individuals whose motives are very questionable. The purpose of this type of technique is usually presented as “mental discipline” (and there are legitimate uses for that concept, to be sure), but amount to “mental domination” used to secure religious cult followers to any number of materially, or even “Lucifer”, oriented creeds! Remember that “control” is always the biggest hammer in Lucifer’s tool box. Beware! If the people and tradition you find yourself working with are producing oppression and suffering in your life and spirit, then you are traveling on the path of darkness, and  it’s time to move on and continue seeking elsewhere. A legitimate guide will always treat you gently and patiently as you learn the process, and will never exploit you or your feelings.  (57)

             The tradition which I have worked with for many years (and lifetimes) amounts to a progressive letting go of the bonds to the senses, as opposed to breaking them or tearing them apart, or otherwise proceeding forcefully. There have been times when I have, frankly, entered therapy when I ran up against something which was just too painful to confront using spiritual conscious alone as the method at hand. I have worked with different groups and individuals from many traditions along the way, and I have also worked alone for significant periods. God loves nothing better, and there is no greater joy in Heaven, than the return home of the Seeker, and every kind of help and support will be provided when needed for a given step along the Way. What is required from the Seeker is dedication, the courage to proceed, and patience. The point is not to make a driven personal quest of the process, but to simply begin walking back to the light. You’ll get there. The least amount of time spent in meditation directed toward spiritual enlightenment will produce immediate personal benefits in terms of relaxation, insight, and release. The rest will come with time as you grow and develop in the spirit. (58)

            It will be noticed that the appearance of the Chakras is substantially different than the Taoist Mandalas which we have worked with up to this point. All the Chakras are States of Consciousness which are experienced by working “upward” from the spiritual (white) region of the Triad of human manifest form, and do not per se have any “material”, or dense physical, form, at all. The Chakras describe (and are) successively advanced states of consciousness that approach the Logos in more and more “present” manifestations.  They are portrayed as being stages of the Divine Lotus of Creation having, among other things, specific numbers of Petals per each one, the number and color being very significant. Additionally, if only for the sake of continuity in the Creation Chart, the Taoist symbols can be also be thought of in Chakra terms as follows:  (59)


                                               The Triad  – a Lotus with Three petals. Body/Mind/Spirit.


                                               The  Dyad – a Lotus with Two petals. Universal Yin/Yang.


                                               The Monad - a Lotus with One petal. Primal Void.


            It will also be noticed that the white spiritual “petal” of the Triad features a small red circle at its center as the reference to the Taoist concept of “no pure condition in the manifest physical world”. The color red is still of the same significance here that it has held from the outset in the Monad: this is a reminder that, climb as far as we might, the process begins in the Taoist condition of the human physical dense form (the body) and will always be rooted there for the duration of incarnation. Even the enormous amount of material which has been and is “channeled” by the Adepts is still being received by, understood by, and recounted by incarnate human vehicles, however advanced they may be in the Light. The Logos is always speaking to us on the collective spiritual level, but we still must respond (or not) on the personal level. As of the occasion when I encounter a physically manifest being in the Maya Virupa, or “Body of Light”, and can walk through this individual without resistance, then I will note same very enthusiastically  in future writings. At this time, all of the claimants to this state whom I have encountered still seemed quite corporeal, and manifest in dense form.  (60)

            The first Chakra to be encountered past the Triad is called Muladhara, and is a reference to the condition of living in higher spiritual awareness in the incarnate physical world. Muladhara is concerned with personal survival issues in this life, and specifically with reconciling those issues to the call to Enlightenment – in other words, struggle with the concept of living an Enlightened life in a “fallen” condition which tends to be dominated by the physical sensory illusion. This is the first stage of the climb of consciousness, and it can be a life long process, depending on the Karma which the Soul of the Seeker is here in this life to express and release. This Chakra is located at the base of the Astral spine in the human vehicle, and is experienced at this place when seated in the well known Lotus position, used for meditation the world over. In this cross legged posture, the base of the spine is literally “grounded” to the “earth”, as is the organ which is closest to this point: the physical anus.  (61)

             Inasmuch as there is an extensive variance of opinion on which Chakras are related to what organs, functions, spirits, etc, and even how many there are, and how (or if) they are related to the Taoist acupuncture/pressure points, and even whether there are any Chakras, I shall reiterate that the observations here are the result of the spiritual contact which I have had, and these are not the only opinions out there. Yet, I would strongly suggest that every consideration be given to what is set forth here. These things have in many cases been confirmed by the most adamant critics. And I have noticed in my personal experiences that it is frequently the suggestions which I find most offensive which point with great precision to the places where I am in greatest denial. Therefore, I invite you to ponder well what is said in these pages.  (62)

            The Chakras have traditionally been depicted as Astral Wheels of Conscious Energy which rotate about the axis of the Astral spine in vertical sequence. They are also representative of universal states of Divine Consciousness which exist everywhere, not just in association with the physical body. The influence of a Chakra is conceptual, as well as literal. In this vein, the actual field of influence of Muladhara branches off from the base of the spine, through the anus, and down each leg to the other two primary human “grounding” points: the feet. These three are the spiritual trinity of the base physical form. In particular, regarding the feet, we are asked to “Walk with the Spirit” through the material world as an exercise in Enlightenment. The practice of both Kundalini and Hatha yoga are very good ways to begin working with this movement, as is Zen walking meditation.   (63)          

            Muladhara is also the point of origin of the Kundalini Energy, a manifestation of YHVH which is activated and released in Yoga, carrying the consciousness upward along the spine through the Chakras. It should be noted here that the Soul, although associated with the Primal Self, the thalamus, the Kundalini, and specifically the Heart Chakra, can manifest anywhere.  And I mean by this anywhere in the universe, including with other Souls, by the way. When we ascend the Chakras, we are rediscovering what is already there, but has been obscured by the sensory condition. This is the purest expression of the Cosmic Dance of Love, and is ultimately the only dance in existence.  (64)

            The visual form of Muladhara describes the vibration of YHVH at that “location”. The four red petals of the Lotus refer to the expression of the Monad in the four Cardinal Directions upon which the world is determined, as well as the four primary elemental forms: earth (solid), air (gas), fire (radiation), and water (liquid). The yellow square represents the Solar Idea in Sahasrara which is generating this Vibration in the four dimensions, and the red inverted triangle is a symbol of the Godhead, or Trinity, in the ancient occult sign for water. I mentioned earlier that the pH of sea water is virtually identical to that of human blood: both blood and water (specifically salt water – “I am the salt of the Earth”) are ancient symbols of both literal and spiritual life. And as far as the Logos is concerned, there is no difference between the literal and the spiritual: that separation is yet another manifestation of the Illusion. The triangle form used as a visual expression is also one of several basic variants used for visual meditation in Hindu tradition, referred to as Tatwas.  (65)  

            As we begin to work in the Spirit in Muladhara, we begin to see the significance of another, deeper meaning in the Red Clay of the Monad: this clay begins the Transformation of Consciousness into the Blood of the Lamb of God – the pure expression of YHVH in the form of Christ – as we begin to move away from the dark, dense physical form toward the Truth, represented from the beginning by the blue spiritual circle at the Monadic center. How interesting that de-oxygenated blood, laden with carbon dioxide as the waste product of cellular metabolism, is blue, and it is this is the gas that we “give back” as long as we live in incarnation. As an assurance of the promise of eternal life in the Spirit, the Blood of the Lamb is always “oxygenated” with the Name of God, and so is the Soul. As we become spiritually conscious, we literally “give back” our human awareness to YHVH and share in that Soul through Communion. This task is begun in meditation with Muladhara. Every time that we bring higher consciousness and spiritual awareness into even the basest (and perhaps especially the basest) aspects of the sensory condition, we move forward and upward in divine Yoga (in literally a “yoke”, or union), and Communion occurs. Remember: life is always a Dance of Divine Love.  (66)

            The next Chakra also pertains to spiritual work in the sensory condition. It is called Svadhishthana, and pertains to the reproductive organs, and physical sensory pleasure and gratification oriented around the sexual function, as the second area of spiritual focus. Svadhishthana is nominally “located” in the center of the abdomen, and is physically associated with the ovaries and testes, from the perspective of the anatomy. It is also located at the Center of the Creation Diagram, as the Chakra associated with the biological act of physical creation, which observes the event manifestation of another physical vessel of the Soul in the Unified Field of Divine Consciousness.  (67)

            The significance of the number six with human sexuality (or any zoological sexuality) has been the matter of HOT debate among the Wise Ones at the very least since St. John the Divine wrote the Book of Revelations, and in Greco/Roman references before that, and in Samarian and Egyptian references before that. The interpretation given here is the one which was revealed to me by YHVH in Samadhi, and the one which I accept for that reason. Two additional petals are added to the four present in Muladhara, representing the incorporation of the Yin/Yang principal as the physical regenerator in the world. The petals are not differentiated into the traditional Yin/Yang Mandala because they are here expressed in literal function in the physical continuum, and simply add the two additional petals required to generate more of the vibration of YHVH at this level. In this sense, both male and female are simply Freudian libido, driving forward the Dance of Creation. The petals of this Lotus are all red, symbolizing the continued and enhanced presence of the Blood of the Lamb as being of far more spiritual importance in reproductive sexuality than the actual differentiation of the sexes. The essence of this concept is referred to as Tantra in Hinduism: participating in the sex act while maintaining the awareness of higher consciousness, and knowing our partner as a Divine Reflection.  (68)

             The center of the Chakra is a large blue circle featuring an inverted white crescent. The blue color is once again the presence of the Spirit in the vibration of YHVH, emphasizing the fact that, even in the experience of copulation and orgasm, the Logos is the driving and sustaining force. In fact, given the spiritual significance of creation, YHVH may be seen to be particularly present here – something which explains the enormous impact of the libido on human (and possibly, instinctive animal) sexual behavior. The challenge to the Seeker is to achieve the Tantric perspective in this Center. The crescent is another variant of the alchemical symbol for the element of air, and the white color and inverted position symbolize the pure “oxygen” (presupposing even the Blood of the Lamb) of the Logos in the white center of Sahasrara as ultimate Divine sexuality. The upward opening of the crescent focuses the undifferentiated libido of both partners back to the Source of Creation.  (69)

            The third and last literally physically Inspirited Center of these three follows Svadhishthana, and is called Manipura, located at the naval, or near the solar plexus, in the body for both men and women, and concerned with our old nemesis, POWER. The specification of the naval location is an obvious reference to the umbilical chord as the (hopefully) appropriate mechanism of the generation, transfer, and ultimate release of the maternal power (already discussed in earlier passages) to first the fetus, and then the successfully delivered child. I have heard it said in the Secret Teachings that the umbilical chord is never really spiritually severed until the physical death of the mother (and sometimes, not even then), and there is certainly no shortage of evidence to support this in the physical world. Yet, we must move away and develop our own spiritual power if we are to carry forward the work of the Soul and release Karma, and this is the meaning of Manipura. Here, we do the work of bringing the secular power and control issues required to exist in the sensory illusion (and so often pulled out of balance by Lucifer)  into an appropriate and Enlightened spiritual focus. This is the greatest challenge of the incarnate condition. In this place, we look through the eyes of the Soul and acknowledge the often humiliating (meant here in the most supportive sense) realization that our power and success is not ours because our Soul is not ours, but the gift of the Logos – and there, but for the Grace of God, we go to the Fall. When this realization is finally genuinely achieved and accepted by the Seeker, the ego based social fiction of isolated personal existence and achievement dissolves, allowing us to give the total expression of our lives to God in grateful acknowledgment.  (70)

            Manipura is surrounded by ten petals, all of which are black. We have added an additional four petals to the six of Svadhishthana. Once again, I am going to use the meaning of this form as revealed to me in Samadhi – and I freely acknowledge that there are others – because I trust that source above all. The black coloration of the petals is a reference back to the black segment of the Triad of the human condition, representing the mental process typified by ego based manipulation of the sensory illusion (a condition which appears bright, but is really quite dark)  and obscures the perception of the Logos –  through the control obsession generated by Lucifer. The fact that this tint reappears in Manipura is a reference to the fact that we can never fully escape the need to confront power and control issues while in incarnation. There are ten petals here as a reference to the ten digits of the two hands that we are (in most cases) born with to do our secular work in the secular world. All mystics also know that each digit of each hand is profoundly spiritually significant in human consciousness, and represents each one of the Ten Holy Names of God expressing in the daily work of the world, including YHVH. And there are many other Secret meanings of our hands, far to many to even attempt to list here. Nothing is more central to my ongoing daily awareness of my physical form, and my challenges in living, than my hands, which I see and direct before me in tasking (hopefully, and again by God’s Grace) for all the days of incarnation.  (71)

            The inner field of Manipura is white, again symbolizing the pure state of the Logos as the underlying influence in our daily tasks and struggles, and a large inverted red Tatwa triangle occupies the white region. The red color and down directed orientation are (again) a representation of the Blood of the Lamb in the Tetragrammaton as the Soul manifestation of this Chakra. The three “T” projections on the sides of the triangle are a feature of some Hindu Mandalas, including the Sri Yantra (which represents the total action of the Tetragrammaton radiating from the Logos in the act of Creation in one image).  These projections can be thought of as “anchors” or, perhaps, “bridges” that conduct the energy of the expression into active, knowable form. So, Manipura is illustrating the principal of the Lamb of God (Krishna in Hindu tradition), supported by the pure Logos, manifesting in our worldly struggles as the  promise of Salvation in the Spirit if we are willing to sacrifice in our life work and, in the case of the Saint and Guru, our lives to that Presence. If we cannot do so, at least in some significant way, then the process of Enlightenment ends here. And it does so for many people. I restate the observation made at the beginning of this passage: this is the greatest challenge of the incarnate condition.  (72)

            We have now discussed the Illumination of the three Taoist forms through which the Logos in the Expression of the Tetragrammaton created the dense physical form, including the human form, and the Illumination of the three Chakras which represent the elevation of these dense expressions into Enlightened spiritual awareness of the physical sensory condition (as an expression of YHVH, through the action of the Kundalini accessing the Soul). If and when the Seeker has successfully completed the Soul passage to this stage, the single most important Bridge of Consciousness which is humanly knowable can be approached – Anahata, the Heart Chakra.  (73)

            Anahata is the Astral form located in the region of the dense physical heart in both men and women. Although this Chakra, like the others, is actually located in Spiritual event expression in the Unified Field, in this case the physical association is critically important, because it is here that we make the pivotal decision to live in the expression of God’s Grace and Consciousness first, and delegate all ego based sensory remnants to lesser significance, or little or no significance, through the experience of Compassion. In this process, we are called forth to know the direct personal Presence of the Lamb of God by seeing and releasing all the remaining personal fear, hatred, loneliness, and despair  in our hearts in sacrifice back to the Logos. When this is done, our Hearts can be filled with the Unconditional Love of God, the Spiritual Soul which is never exhausted. The single greatest fear which blocks this action is directly traceable to the Fall of consciousness: the fear that the death of all awareness will accompany the death of the dense form. In confronting this most basic dread of the ego, we must do the most difficult thing that can be done: we must witness the Agony of the Crucifixion of the Lamb of God. Why? Well, my friend, it is because we are all going to take that same long, lonely walk that He did eventually, and if we walk with Him today, He will walk with us tomorrow. And the daily world is filled with crucifixions of all kinds, large and small, as the measure of the Illusion of incarnated existence.   (74)

            This Chakra displays twelve red petals arranged around the Lotus. Once again, there are many, many interpretations both of the general significance of the number twelve, and of that number as applied to this system and form. I shall mention a few of them which I know are relevant to this discussion of this most important challenge we face, first in the sacrifice of our personal pride in Manipura, and then in acceptance of God’s Great Sacrifice in Anahata.  (75)

            The numerological sum of the digits one and two comprising the physical structure of the number twelve is three: this is a reference to the Trinitary nature of all that can be known at any level on any plane of experience, because the vibration of the Tetragrammaton is issuing from the Logos in the Form of the Holy Trinity, or Godhead in the Hindu tradition. Without going into a lengthy explanation of all the possible implications of this statement, it is sufficient to say that all observable event loci in the Unified Field display a three state form: an initiator, a sustainer, and a transmutor. This is the meaning of the triangular expression of Divine Consciousness. The Tetragrammaton also displays this form, which we have already seen in previous passages. This is the ultimate Mystery of Creation which can only be known from the other side of the Portal of Shiva, the Hindu "transmutor" expression: in other words, following the removal of the last remnant of the separated, “fallen”, personal ego illusion.  (76)

            Twelve is also the sum of four sets of three, symbolizing the structure of the Trinity in all four basic conditions of the universe of physical form: earth, air, fire, and water. The twelve signs of the Zodiac represent the twelve stages through which all life processes pass from creation to dissolution, expressed in the solar system by the months of the annular year and the crop cycle. Twelve were the disciples of Jesus the Christ before the Betrayer appeared and triggered the eventual process of the Crucifixion. And although the Jewish Qabalah maintains that the Process of Creation, as described by the Tree of Life, is completely manifest in ten stages or Sephira, there is still a reference to the invisible Sephira of Daath, already mentioned, which brings the number to eleven, and each complete expression of the Tree is itself a Sephira, which brings the number to twelve. And there are ten symbols on the Creation Diagram, which are shown as eleven symbols, and each manifestation of the Diagram, like the Tree of Life, is itself a complete expression, bringing the total to twelve. And so on. This numerical expression is the codified vibration of YHVH in the Heart Chakra, and initiates the process by which the Seeker can cross the Bridge of Compassion. The red color of the petals of Anahata is once more symbolic of the Blood of the Lamb in YHVH.  (77)

            It can be seen that the interior of this Center is slightly darker red than the color of the petals, and this represents the pervasive presence of YHVH everywhere in the Enlightened Heart of spiritual compassion: the darker hue symbolizes the deepest level, or harmonic, of this Presence of the Name of God, written as the Christ, in the Heart. Just as our dense physical heart is the center of the circulation of the blood of the Red Clay, so we experience the uncanny movement of our Soul as sensed in this place, as the center of our personal feeling consciousness. That is, when, and if, we experience the movement of our Soul and feelings at all: the sensory veils tend to obscure this.  (78)

            Superimposed on the dark red field is a light red outlined Star of David (in the Judaeo/Christian tradition) having a grey interior. And at the center of the entire Chakra is a small light red circle. Why is the six pointed Star grey?  (79)

            This structure is composed of two triangular forms overlapping each other: the familiar down directed form meaning “water” and referring to the Blood of the Lamb as the Spiritual Water of Life, and an upwardly directed form which is the symbol of fire, in this case the Holy Fire of Divine Consciousness directly manifest in the Logos. When the Name and the Fire are combined, the Tetragrammaton expresses in the vibration of the Word Made Flesh – a being appearing in dense physical form as a pure manifestation of God – the Christ. The acceptance of the Consciousness of Christ in Anahata through the witness (or experience) of the Crucifixion literally burns all Karma of the Soul incarnation, and delivers Salvation through Compassion. This is the meaning of the Christian expression “Born Again”. The grey color of this form is only understood by examining mortality, and here we must go next, for this is the purpose of the entire Creation Diagram and the world of dense form as well. (80)

            The color grey frequently depicts something which is obscured, but not absolutely concealed. So it is with Christ: we can see Him only in direct proportion to how closely we are willing to look. To see Him clearly, we have to look at life through His eyes, and “witness” what He experienced, and this is very difficult, with or without the Gospel and all the Holy Books of history. How much easier it is to simply look away, than to see the horrifying spectacle of a human form having no malice of any kind, an innocent being, betrayed, tortured, mutilated, and finally brutally murdered by the blind, lost human beings  he was given to as a voluntary Light Sacrifice by God. And He is not the only one, either, although He is the One we can Know. Arguably, to see this Word clearly, one must pass through the Sephira of Daath as He did, and Shiva is standing guard there, and he can only be propitiated through the action of personal sacrifice.  (81)

            Personal sacrifice is required here, because this reflects the Sacrifice made for us.  All of the Saints and Adepts, and many, many “ordinary” people have made and lived lives of great personal sacrifice as an expression of their love for God, and in personal humility. The basic requirement is that we will live our lives from the perspective of compassion and love for each other, and suspend blame and judgment of others, in an acknowledgment of our own imperfection in the deluded, fragmented physical world. This is not too much too ask.  (82)

            The small red circle in the center of Anahata is symbolic of the Perception which I achieved, that the Blood of the Lamb is there in the Center of the Heart of everyone’s Higher Consciousness, no matter how hard it is to see this, as an assurance that this Companion and Friend of the Soul will always be there if we will only take His hand anywhere in life. And this circle also refers to the “Still Small Voice” of our conscience, all to easily obscured by the senses.  (83)

             In response to one act of personal sacrifice, Shiva opened the Portal of Daath and gave me a view of mortality from the other side: here is what happens at death. The dense physical form is dissolved and imploded back into the Taoist Dyad from which it was generated. This is Shiva/Lucifer’s job and he will make sure of it, although there are documented accounts of the bodies of some VERY enlightened human beings, for example Paramahansa Yogananda, persisting in form without degradation for extended periods of time following death, as an expression of the extent to which the Red Clay had been transformed into the Spirit through Enlightenment. The ego (predominantly a sensory fiction, as discussed earlier) is “attached” strongly (but not exclusively) to the sensory illusion associated with the dense form, and, in the absence of Enlightenment, is imploded along with the dense form, with the proviso that the ego (like the photon), has no mass, and will literally implode through the Dyad and back into the Monad. The Soul  is an extension of the Logos, and resides in the highest state of the YHVH expression, following death, which it has shared with the ego’s spiritual kernel through the process of Enlightenment during incarnation. As the Kundalini ascends, it carries the ego kernel along the path of Enlightenment, and bonds that “kernel”, which is a little Reflection of the Divine Consciousness in the "Mirror" of Dense Form, to the Blood of the Lamb in the Soul.  (84)

            In the case of subsequent reincarnation, as determined by the Karma still to be expressed in the Cosmic Dance by the Logos, the Soul, and the ego kernel, may be re-seeded in expression anywhere appropriate on the Diagram. In some cases, it may be appropriate for the unenlightened ego kernel  to remain in the Monadic state unless and until Divine Compassion manifest in the Soul draws it back out into incarnation elsewhere on the Diagram. Ultimately, the ego kernel event observation only exists to be carried with the expression of the Soul by the Kundalini, and return to God in the Unified Field and Sahasrara.  (85)

            Why do we frequently not remember previous incarnations? For the same reason that we also frequently cannot “see” future incarnations: the same dense sensory cloud that blocks awareness of the Higher Consciousness in the present incarnation also blocks the perception of the record of incarnation held in what Mystics call the Acacia, which can be thought of as the Memory Beyond Time of the Logos. Every new human event expression is a complete reiteration of the Dance of Love in Creation, expressed in the Soul through Karma, and passes through the Creation Diagram again. If a given Soul in combination with an ego kernel (or kernels) has expressed Enlightenment at a certain  level, then the Soul’s Karma may permit that ego the awareness of previous incarnations in subsequent incarnations.  If we are able to sufficiently complete the task of Bonding to the Soul in Anahata (and this work is never fully complete in one incarnation) then the Bridge of Consciousness can be crossed to the remaining three Chakras. (86)

            Here we must, once again, conduct a preparatory discussion. I have frequently used the terms vibration, consciousness, and awareness as functional descriptors thus far, but have not taken the time to specifically define and interrelate them, because the information on mortality must be presented first. Once the Seeker has been given the opportunity to ponder that subject matter, the perception of the distinctions between these three conditions is facilitated.  (87)

            Because the Logos achieved Creation through expressing the Vibration of the Tetragrammaton, literally everything is a sub-harmonic of that Vibration. In other words, nothing knowable is anything but a vibration. Sometimes this is a literal physical vibration in dense form. Sometimes this is a spiritual vibration in Higher Consciousness. Sometimes this is a mental vibration in the sensory cloud. Frequently, all of these combine in an interactive vibration which is called consciousness. Since any vibration is ultimately knowable as an event observation in the Unified Field of Divine Consciousness, any conscious expression is generated by God, in fact, everything is an expression of Divine Consciousness vibrating through the Tetragrammaton. Even a common pebble in a driveway carries this vibration of YHVH.  (88)

            When the complexity of the Vibration of YHVH expresses a certain form of Trinitary Taoist consciousness, that form is knowable (observable) as the Triad: a human being in the human condition. This consciousness, unlike the consciousness of the pebble (for example), expresses the sub-harmonic vibration of awareness. This awareness vibration is the ego kernel, and, as already noted, is a Reflection of the Divine Consciousness in the Mirror of dense form. Although I can spend my days “looking” at the sensory condition, and calling this the “world”, I am really God looking at God in a little Mirror of Love, which transcends that “world” through incorporating it. If the sub-harmonic vibration of my awareness is so “tuned” by Karma, I will eventually attain the Realization of my Divine Nature (just described), through Enlightenment. The vibration of Enlightenment is the expansion of awareness through the reflective feedback of consciousness in the physical dense form. The Karmic window which very frequently initiates this feedback loop is referred to as a Synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence.  (89)

             Synchronicity manifests in Divine Consciousness at the level of human awareness as a series of related event observations occurring in the sensory “cloud”, which are perceived by the ego as so improbable that observation of the senses themselves, as a limited system in a larger system, takes place in the search for an explanation. When no explanation in the physical senses is found (and there is none), the search expands beyond that level of awareness, and the process of Enlightenment begins. This process can be explained by any number of competent sources, as I am explaining it now, but it is only experienced when YHVH speaks progressively, through Synchronicity, and immediately through Divine Manifestation. The event observation referred to as a miracle is an example of Divine Manifestation, as is the revelation which I experienced resulting in the Creation Diagram, among other things. And it is possible that this explanation of that revelation will be the first synchronicity, or is already a part of a chain of synchronicity event observations, for you, dear reader. All of these processes are examples of the expansion of awareness. With the advance of Enlightenment into the remaining Chakras, the direct perception of the Vibration of the Tetragrammaton in the Divine Consciousness, transcending even the Christ, becomes possible.  (90)

            The first Center beyond Anahata is Vishuddha (one of three spellings), the Throat Chakra, so called because it is associated with the vocal chords and the thyroid gland in the dense physical neck of both men and women. Vishuddha enables the human vibration of human words, and also can enable the human harmonic vibration of a series of Divine Words, or Sounds, that are sub-harmonics of the Tetragrammaton. The most well known of these is the Primary Mantra, OM, but there are many others. I personally can say that it is also at least possible to perceive the literal sonic vibration of YHVH, or hear this Vibration, because I have done so in Samadhi. The Secret Teachings also say that this Name can be humanly spoken, and that the force of this event will bring about that complete and permanent release from the sensory Illusion, and the burning of all Karma, for all of humanity, which is called Armageddon. I have not made the attempt as of this writing, ultimately for the reason that I have not been Called in Love by God to do so, as I was called to express the Creation Chart and set down this explanation of the forms shown thereon, for example. I have learned to recognize Divine Guidance in my life, and I absolutely respect this process as my Guide.  (91)

            Vishuddha has sixteen black petals surrounding the Lotus. It will be recalled that the last time black lotus petals were encountered occurred in the discussion of Manipura, and was concerned with power and control in Spiritual Balance. In a related context, we are also dealing with the balance of power here (witness the preceding paragraph!), because Vishuddha is the reflection of Manipura on  the “other side” of the Heart, where the Pure Vibration of Power is knowable, through the Voice, as opposed to the Hands. The petals are still black because there is still a process of human expression vibrating on the human level taking place in the utterance of ANY Mantra or Divine Sound. This is still at least initially a “decision” we “make”, or at least acknowledge and facilitate.  (92)

            Why are there now sixteen petals? Once again, there are many traditional explanations for this point, and I have no argument with any of them, while at the same time having the explanation of my own revelation to convey. In numerology, when the one and six composing sixteen are summed, the result is seven, the most Sacred human spiritual number; the total number of the Chakras and the Planes of Ascent to God. There are Seven Seals on the Book of the Apocalypse. And here we also have four expressions of Divine Consciousness manifest in the four fundamental dimensions of the Cosmos, created by the Vibration of the four “letters”of YHVH, hence the implication noted above that this Name can be humanly spoken by a sufficiently enlightened Adept. The petals also have correspondences to the Hindu Sanskrit letters, and to the Hebrew alphabet, and to the Runic Elder Futhark, and the list goes on. The implication here is that, when a human being intones (usually by chanting or singing) a Sacred Vibration – at least with practice  –  that event directly links that person to God, as an expression of YHVH. In this way, the Presence of the Logos is dramatically enhanced, powerfully dispelling the remaining sensory illusion in the process.  (93)

            The interior of Vishuddha is a yellow field, with a white inverted triangle filling this field. The color yellow is the same reference to the yellow band surrounding the white center of Sahasrara. This is a vibration only one harmonic removed from the Pure Perception of God as an omnipresent field of Conscious White Light. We will examine the significance of this distinction in detail when the Illumination of Sahasrara takes place at the conclusion of this document. The triangle is the same down directed Trinitary reference which we have seen before, to the Water of Divine Spiritual Life, but now this is white, symbolizing the transition from the Lamb to the Logos, from the Son to the Father, which occurs on this “side” of Anahata. The fact that a triangle occurs here, as a Trinitary form, means that we are still functioning in a state of awareness from which the Logos is only knowable in that three state form. This is because the Vibration of YHVH is still associated with the dense physical form of human speech and sound in Vishuddha. That last heavy, or dense, vibration is transcended in the illumination through Enlightenment of the next Chakra, Ajna, the Third  (or All Seeing) Eye.  (94)

            In Ajna, we find a pointed departure from the forms of the preceding Chakras. A relatively small central circular region with a yellow interior, containing  a black inverted triangle, which itself contains the visual (written) form of the Primary Mantra of OM, again in yellow, is seen. This central Mandala is superimposed on two other circular forms having yellow interiors that also have point-like projections to the side, and these circles are somewhat smaller. Let us proceed.  (95)

            The color yellow has the same meaning that we have seen thus far – one harmonic removed from the Pure Logos. In Ajna, this color is very dominant, as we approach Sahasrara. The down directed triangle also has the same meaning of the Water of Spiritual Life, but here the black color is present as an outline of the form of OM, not as the intrinsic or direct expression of anything. So we can say that the last remnant of the dense physical form is present here only by inference, and the inference is to the Third, or All Seeing Astral Eye, visualized as located anatomically in the center of the forehead. This location also coincides with the location of the prefrontal lobe of the dense (no pun intended) form physical brain. This is the physical event location of the ego in the body. The additional two circles to each side are references to the literal dense physical sensory eyes. It is very significant that, of the twelve (remember the twelve lotus petals of Anahata?) major cranial nerves, five are concerned with visual perception, more than any other sensory process.  (96)

            No sense is more deeply involved with the Illusion than vision, and Ajna symbolizes the superposition of the All Seeing Perception of God in the Unified Field, over the sensory eyes. The process of visualizing the Primary Mantra amounts to seeing the Vibration of the Tetragrammaton, to seeing God, and to seeing the world through the Divine Consciousness. At this most Secret level, Ajna is a symbol of the Consciousness which results in human awareness when the physical sensory eyes are bonded to the Heart through Enlightenment. And because we are working with light in this Center, and with photons as one of the very first Expressions of YHVH, and with the speed of light as the universal constant in the Unified Field, we are forming the Soul/ego kernel bond at the highest vibrational level that the ego can withstand as an event observation. We have reached the limit of the capability of the Red Clay of the Monad to exist as an event in space time. Why? Because the next destination is the Creator of that Clay, and all the  forms cast from it, including the human form.  (97)

            It can be asked why there is only one All Seeing Eye. Indeed, some Hindu and Buddhist representations of Divine Beings have a multitude of eyes, which are actually a reference to the “Thousand Petal Lotus” of Sahasrara, among many other things. Ajna portrays only one Eye because there is another relationship expressed here to the Monad, at the opposite “end” of the Creation Diagram: Ajna is also a Monad, not of the Primal Void, but of Primal Spirit manifesting as the Light of Divine Consciousness – a Light Monad, the first spiritual, or consciousness Vibration of YHVH, while the red Monad was the first literal, or physical vibration. The two forms are reflections of each other on opposite “sides” of the Logos in Sahasrara! This Divine Light is the highest expression of the Water of Divine Life, which is first seen in salt water in the Divine Mother of the Sea, the source of all life on Earth, and again as the red blood sustaining life in the Red Clay of the physical zoological dense form. I have mentioned very early on in this story that the Creation Diagram can be visualized as evolving through manifestation in both directions from Sahasrara at either end. If we follow the Manifestation of Divine Consciousness in the Monad of Divine Light through successively “lower” (or more complex) harmonic Chakra expressions in one direction, and follow the Taoist manifestation of dense form from the Primal Void in the opposite direction, the two extremes meet at Svadhishthana in the Diagram’s Center: the Chakra of Spiritual Consciousness, manifest through Enlightenment, in the process of Taoist physical human creation. Are we back in Eden?  (98)

            In Ajna, we can “See the Light” of the Logos in Pure Expression. In Sahasrara, we are not “seeing” any longer, because “we” have been absorbed into, and reunited with, the Logos, and as such, no longer exist as a separate ego “reflection”. The passage through the Portal of Shiva has taken place. This is why this Chakra is traditionally shown as being located above the head, and completely beyond the physical body and sensation.  How can I describe this? I have been there in Samadhi, and returned, by Divine Grace, to tell you this story.  (99)

            Sahasrara is the Godhead of Hindu tradition. It is from this Divine Trinity that the Tetragrammaton vibrates forth in the Act of Creation. Like the Sri Yantra mentioned earlier, Sahasrara is a visual representation of the Total Expression of Divine Consciousness. In fact, Sahasrara is an enlarged detail of the Monadic Point of First Divine Expression shown as a simple dot in the center of the complex network of interlocked triangular vibrational forms in the Sri Yantra that radiate outward to create the universe of three state forms: God pouring God into God.  (100)

            In Sahasrara we see one circular form with a complex interior structure consisting of a small white center, surrounded by a yellow ring which progressively expands simultaneously through a  gradual color transition to the dark red which we have seen as the interior color of Anahata, and a network of interlocked curved white lines defined by an invisible common center, an effect which creates  the appearance of a multitude, or limitless number,  of radiant Lotus Petals, terminating at the outer boundary of the circle. Gone is the color black with it’s reference to the ego of dense form, even the lines of definition are now white. The termination in the color of dark red is significant in that the only other Chakra where this is seen is Anahata, symbolizing the meaning illuminated earlier of the Heart Chakra as the Bridge of Consciousness from Inspirited Physical Awareness to Divine Consciousness. This also refers to the observation that no sense of Sahasrara can be detected in the three lower Chakras; this level of Knowing only begins with the Christ. Even the Red Clay of the Monad is not quite this dark in hue, indicating that the Blood of the Lamb is more powerful than any Taoist physical dense expression. This is how and why Christ defeated Lucifer, and physical death, in the Crucifixion – no force in Creation is as powerful as the Blood of the Lamb of God. This color at the perimeter of Sahasrara represents the promise of Salvation in Anahata given to everyone, and present in everything everywhere. There is literally no conscious state where the Illusion is so strong that the sincere desire for Enlightenment cannot transcend it through Sacrifice.  (101)

            The Portal of Shiva, or Sephira Daath, is still invisible on the Creation Diagram, lying in the region between Ajna and Sahasrara. And the Portal of Shiva is visible on the Creation Diagram, because it specifically is found at every point along the perimeter of Sahasrara. I have described this “daath” (actually the re-absorption) of the separated ego, in the first chapter, and will add to this now.  (102)

            At the Portal of Shiva, the sensation of being carried along the Path of Soul Consciousness by the Kundalini energy ceases, because all sensation and individuated perception ceases. This is not to say that the Kundalini energy itself ceases, however, because Sahasrara is the Kundalini. I have described the experience of entry into the Divine Consciousness in another document as “being pulled into the Sun”, and this is what happens when the ego kernel, as both the last remnant of personal experience, and the last expression of Karma, is burned away. It is like a blinding instant of everything everywhere. The most interesting element of the experience is that the process actually begins and ends before the ego perception can experience it. My experience of Sahasrara in Samadhi seemed very integrated in the region of the lotus petals of Divine Manifestation – I experienced them as Divine Beings – or Angels of the Heavenly Host – who interacted with me. I perceived this interaction as a sort of play, in fact, as though I was tossed about from One to Another of them. What I have only realized in subsequent reflection is that the ego burning had already begun at that stage, that the “play” was the first phase of that process, in the Hands of Shiva! Approach God with Love in your Heart, and even Shiva is a joy! The yellow ring around the white center is the second stage of the process. Here, the last remaining perception of the human ego, which is visual (yellow suggests  solar light) in character, makes an uncanny contact with the pure white Divine Light radiating from the All Seeing Eye of God. So it is that, for an instant in eternity, the little reflection of Divine Consciousness is finally able to know its Ultimate Nature through direct contact with the Totality of All Observations – or, in other words, all Reflected Images –  in the Unified Field, as the “mirror” is burned away.  (103)

            The accounting of what “I” experienced in the Presence of the Logos – the white Center of Sahasrara, is also recounted in the previously mentioned first chapter – appropriately entitled Samadhi. To reiterate this here would add many more pages to this already lengthy story. I wanted to know the Truth more than anything in the world prior to having this experience, and the Logos acted in perfect Love and Compassion and fulfilled my desire by somehow both preserving and destroying my ego to enable the  process. From the Divine Perspective, I was “dead”, but so free and filled with such joy and wonder that it did not matter. The Creation Chart is adequate evidence that I physically survived the experience, returning to dense form, and social ego integration, as well. In Hindu tradition, Shiva is politely referred to as “The Merciful One”, because it is through His action that the sensory condition of any incarnation (called Maya) is finally removed in the physical transmutation (death) of the dense physical form, taking the suffering of this world away with it as well. If what I knew in Sahasrara is the Truth, and I am convinced of this, then the “world” is the Dead Condition, and God is the only real Life...  (104)

            The Creation Diagram is intended for use both in Reflection, wherein we ponder the things which are given us in Synchronicity and wonder at their messages, and in Meditation, the process of releasing the Little Reflection from Karma and Maya, and in Illumination, where the true state of the World is shown as it is in human terms – language – this document. This is called “Ringing the Bell of the Dharma” – or performing the work of Enlightenment.  (105)

            I cannot emphasize enough that Meditation is the Key activity of the three just mentioned. If the Seeker does not practice Yoga or meditate, Enlightenment will not occur, not matter WHAT else is done. Hopefully, the reasons for this have been sufficiently Illuminated in this document by now.  (106)

            The suggested technique of the use of the Diagram in meditation is as follows: find a quiet, peaceful space to do the work. If no other can be found, a library will usually suffice. Sit comfortably for a minute or two, breath deeply, and relax as fully as possible in your space. Take out the Creation Diagram, if you have not already done so, and allow your awareness to wonder around among the symbols thereon. In most cases, you will find your attention drawn to a specific symbol, or one of the Three groups of Three symbols which have been Illuminated here. This is where your consciousness is working toward Enlightenment NOW. You may wish to take a minute, or a few minutes, in reflection, and wonder about these symbols and their meaning in your life. Or you may proceed directly into meditation. This may be done either with the physical eyes slightly open, maintaining a continued image of the Diagram, or with the eyes closed: follow your Heart and go with what seems to want to happen. Begin, and proceed, with Trust.  (107)

            Begin by simply monitoring, and noticing, your breathing. Allow the breath to move into and out of the lungs in a steady, regular, relaxed pace – do not attempt to control this process – simply note the breathing. In most cases, many mental ideas, judgments, and other distractions will occur during this process: simply note these things, and your responses to them, and then allow yourself to return to noticing your breathing again. This activity will eventually manifest less and less interruption, and an increasing state of deep relaxation, with practice. As the state of deep relaxation is attained, Yoga trance becomes possible, and in this state of Consciousness, the Vibration of YHVH begins to Manifest to the Seeker in the form of symbolic, and literal, images which relate to Higher Consciousness, and are Messages of Enlightenment. Words may be seen, and Voices may be Heard in this state, and there may be initial confusion regarding the meaning of what is experienced. The Cardinal Rules of Illumination, used to understand these messages, are:  (108)


                                 – No Benevolent Messenger  will ever tell you do something which

                                            might result in harm to yourself or another. If disruption

                                            is required along the Way, God Will Take This Action!

                                                           You will not be compelled to do so. 


                                 – If the experience of Enlightenment is becoming so uncomfortable for

                                       any reason that this is interfering with your positive life activities,

                                          stop the process and Seek Help, in the ways I have already

                                       mentioned here. There are times when the things we must look

                                            at along the Path are very difficult, but we do not need to

                                                        take this Walk Alone – Find other Seekers.


                                                – Be Patient, Be Patient, Be patient. Be patient!

                                      The Illusion is very persistent and very complex in character.

                              Do not judge the process of release on  the basis of linear human time.

                                   That is another illusion. We will all find our way Home eventually.

        (Copyright 2009, by Alan Schneider)

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